TA Consult have undertaken jobs with a duration from approx. 3 months and upwards. The typical job lasts approx. 8-10 months. Listed below are a number of the more ‘extended’ jobs that TA Consult have carried out for our clients.


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Avinor AS is a public limited company wholly owned by the Norwegian state with responsibility for all Norwegian air navigation services and all the 46 state-owned airports in Norway. The company has approx. 3000 employees. FKF Regnskap handles all invoicing, bookkeeping, reconciliation and reporting and annual accounts for all the companies in the Avinor Group. The division consists of 32 permanent employees and is located in Gardermoen. For an extended period, I was hired as a controller with FKF Regnskap. This was purely a consultancy job. On this project, I worked extensively with descriptions of routines and processes and the update of a new finance handbook. Additionally, I was involved in EDI processes whose purpose was to get most of the existing suppliers to use EDI format on their invoices. I also worked with the streamlining of intercompany routines and their implementation. Additionally, I was involved in the mapping of operations and the recording of man-hours for benchmarking purposes.


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AS Saudefaldene is a power plant owned by Orkla Energi AS. The power plant is located in Vangsnes in Sauda. Annual production is approx. 1800 GWh. The plan employs 35 people. Orkla Energi AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Orkla ASA. I worked as controller with Orkla Energi AS for an extended period. This was a consultancy job. The project included quality assurance of the company's accounts by analysing operating results, working capital and cash flows. The job also included coordination and preparation of annual accounts. I worked on budgets, forecasts and quarterly reports and participated in the presentation of these to the company's shareholders. In conjunction with the review of operating results, we prepared waterfall charts to which we applied pricing and volume models to explain changes to underlying factors such as spot prices and GWh. I also worked on currency hedging and as deputy to the finance director.


Read moreEDB Consulting Group AS

EDB Consulting Group AS was a leading Scandinavian consultancy firm offering consultancy, project management, system development and application management. The company had approx. 2800 employees in Norway, Sweden and Denmark as well as in strategic bases in Central Europe, Singapore, India and Ukraine. The company was a wholly owned subsidiary of EDB Business Partner AS. Both EDB Consulting Group AS and EDB Business Partner AS have since merged with EVRY. For an extended period, I worked as accounts manager with EDB Consulting Group AS. This was a ‘Management for Hire’ job where the company in the interim recruited a new accounts manager. The job included responsibility for monthly reporting, controlling and quality assurance of accounts. An important part of this work involved the handling and monitoring of the SAP consultants' project hours. All monitoring took place in Current Timesystem with particular focus on hours spent and invoiced to facilitate the calculation of correct gross profits.


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The Oras Group is one of Norway's leading plumbing contractors. With its 16 divisions, the company covers the whole of Norway. The Group has 700 employees and provides water, energy and climate system solutions for all types of buildings in Norway. Their business areas include installation of traditional sanitary systems, air- and water-based systems for heating and indoor climate. I worked as account director with Oras AS for an extended period. This was a ‘Management for Hire’ job where the account director was on maternity leave. The job included quality assurance and period reporting of the Group's accounts as well as project monitoring in terms of absence and gross profits. I was also responsible for the coordination and completion of annual accounts. The job was extended due to a controller being on leave. This meant that I also had responsibility for budgeting and project reporting.


Read moreEltel Networks AS

Eltel Networks is one of Europe's leading Infranet companies specialising in the planning, building and maintenance of national electricity and telecommunications networks and infrastructure. Eltel Networks AS in Norway has 600 employees and covers the whole of Norway. Its business areas are fixed telecommunications networks, mobile telecommunications, railways and smart meters. I worked as accounts director at Eltel Networks AS for an extended period. This was a ‘Management for Hire’ job as interim accounts director working in Molde and Oslo. The job included monitoring and management of the accounts department as well as controlling and quality assurance of the accounts. I also participated in ERP projects and the coordination and preparation of the annual accounts.


Read moreOrkla Media AS

Orkla Media was Norway's second largest and Scandinavia's fifth largest media company with activities in daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, digital media and direct marketing. The company was a majority shareholder in approx. 30 Norwegian papers and owned half of the weekly magazine publisher Hjemmet Mortensen. Through its acquisition of Det Berlingske Officin Orkla Media also became the owner of the Danish newspapers Berlingske Tidende and Weekendavisen. Orkla Media was also the second largest operator in the newspaper market in Poland and had newspaper activities in Sweden, Lithuania and Ukraine. When most of the company was sold to Mecom Group in 2006, the Norwegian arm was separated under the name of Edda Media. In 2012, the shares in Mecom Europe (previously Orkla Media) were sold to A-pressen and the company currently operates under the name of Amedia. I worked as accounts manager at Orkla Media AS for an extended period. This was a ‘Management for Hire’ job which originally arose due to maternity leave. The job included consolidation of accounts and budgets according to IFRS, preparation and completion of budget processes and coordination and preparation of the company's annual accounts. The monthly consolidation consisted mainly of subsidiaries of newspapers and daily media in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Ukraine.


Read moreNarvesen Norge AS

Narvesen Norge is a national chain of 440 kiosks and has 2500 employees in Norway. Narvesen kiosks in Norway have more than 200,000 customer visits per day. This means that, on average, every Norwegian visits Narvesen approx. 16 times a year. Narvesen is owned by Reitangruppen and is operated as a franchise. Reitangruppen's is one of Scandinavia's leading operators with 15,000 employees and 1900 sales points. I worked as a specialist at Narveson Norge AS for an extended period. This was purely a consultancy job where I assisted in the quality assurance of accounts and set up a new operational changes division. My work consisted of controlling and quality assurance of accounts for the purposes of monthly reporting. I then set up a new operational changes division and recruited two people. In this period, I was responsible for the change department and staff of two new recruits. When the job ended, responsibility for profits and loss as well as staff was transferred to the finance director.