Management for hire


Management for Hire jobs are situations where the consultant temporary are filling the management role. The need to fil this temporary management role may occur due to recruitment processes or staff leave. In such cases the client has a temporary need to fill the management position. TA Consult have long-standing experience from various management roles as finance manager and chief accountant. We will quickly familiarise ourselves with both the job and business concept and occupy the management role until a new person has been recruited. When a permanent candidate has been found, TA Consult will ensure that a detailed handover of the position takes place. In some cases, as the client may require, a list of any improvements that will enhance and streamline financial processes is also provided.


Consultant for Hire, Specialist


A company’s growth strategy may be to acquire other companies. If so, the company will need to handle the profit and loss accounts and balance sheets of the acquired businesses. This is a specialist skill which the financial function perhaps does not have the capacity for on the date of acquisition, but wishes to acquire. TA Consult have long-standing experience in handling subsidiaries and have acquired this specialist skill on jobs for major Norwegian industrial groups where group accounts and technical consolidation have formed a large part of the required tasks.


Budget processes only last for a short period, but are extremely demanding and sometimes involve the input of major resources in an already strained accounts department. Such processes also require solid insight into the company’s business concept, operational goals and cost drivers. TA Consult are able to draw on long-standing experience and have completed many budget processes for our clients. We quickly familiarise ourselves with business concepts and identify important KPIs and management parameters. These data are processed in advanced Excel models in partnership with the company’s management and form the basis of future financial management.


TA Consult have completed many jobs for a wide variety of businesses and have worked from the inside on these companies’ routines and processes. This has given consultants from TA Consult a unique opportunity to familiarise themselves with and understand the various concepts that form the basis of efficient routines and processes. TA Consult have completed jobs for clients whose main purpose was to review routines, processes, compliance and preparation of financial handbooks.


Businesses sometimes require assistance in company valuations. This usually arises in situations when the business finds itself in an acquisition or merger process. Other situations include the requirement for analysing a company’s cost drivers, use of resources and price estimates.

Terje Abrahamsen has in-depth knowledge of these areas with he`s Master’s level expertise in financial strategy. “Company valuation” was the subject of the Master’s thesis. TA Consult’s own clients were used in this work.

Terje Abrahamsen has also completed a Master’s degree in Business Economics Analysis. “ABC Analysis” was the subject of the Master’s thesis. TA Consult’s own clients were also used in this work.

These skills, combined with long-standing experience in financial management and accounting, gives TA Consult an excellent basis for preparing valuations and ABC analyses for it`s clients.


Consultant for Hire, Controller


A financial controller focuses on quality in accounting and is just as concerned with the balance sheet as with the profit and loss account. Important areas for a financial controller are precision in routines, IFRS, tax planning, reporting processes and audits. TA Consult have completed many financial controller jobs and have solid experience in this area.


A business controller focuses on profitability and business development and probably spends more time on the profit and loss account than on the balance sheet. Important areas for a business controller are profit development, KPIs, forecasts, variance analyses and business plans. TA Consult have completed several business controller jobs and have built up wide-ranging experience in the area as well.